New MonoTracer MTE-150 Piloting Tutorial Videos

New All Electric MonoTracer MTE-150 Piloting Tutorial Videos.

Peraves CEO and MonoTracer Jedi Master Roger Riedener continues his MonoTracer Academy series on the new all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 with the additional four tutorial videos.  He begins with the very basics of how to get in and out of a MonoTracer (Video #9).  Video #10 covers the all important MonoTracer operating controls with emphasis on the eternally respected switch for the retracts (bionic legs, stabilizers, landing gear, etc…).  Roger also notes the MonoTracer is a seatbelt equipped Safety Motorcycle and helmets are not worn.  Video #11 demonstrates just how slow one can drive a MonoTracer.  Video #12 combines all 3 lessons with a ride into the city to visit Roger’s favorite Thai restaurant.  The MonoTracer is a very elegant vehicle and we want to pilot it in a very elegant way (with the stabilizers retracted).  Study these videos and you’re well on your way to becoming a future MonoTracering pilot!

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 9: Getting In and Out

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 10: Handling

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 11: Slow Driving

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 12: City Ride

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