AutoEsporte TV Reviews the MonoTracer MTI-1200

The Future: MonoTracer MTI-1200 at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

At the end of August 2012 I spent a Saturday with a film crew from the Brazilian AutoEsporte TV show piloting and shooting the MonoTracer MTI-1200 all around Southern California.  I met up with the producer Tiago, host Diego, and cameraman Alcides in the morning in Anaheim.  From there we traveled via freeway to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for some beauty shots.  We then headed to Griffith Park for some green scenery.  Finally we drove out to Santa Monica and up PCH towards Malibu for some ocean and beach shots.  Here is the edited AutoEsporte MonoTracer MTI-1200 video review that aired last Sunday in Brazil.

MonoTracer mistura moto, carro e avião e é destaque do filme “O vingador do futuro”.

Translation: MonoTracer is a mixture of motorcycle, car, and plane and is featured in the 2012 movie “Total Recall”.

MonoTracer MTI-1200 Review by AutoEsporte TV

Anytime you’re out with a MonoTracer everyone becomes a paparazzi and photographs the vehicle with their cellphone.  I ran across this very sweet Instagram photo of the MonoTracer banking left on to South Grand Avenue in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall taken by Michelle Kim.  You can watch this maneuver and her snapping the photo if you look closely in the AutoEsporte MonoTracer MTI-1200 video segment above.

2012.08.25 – MonoTracer MTI-1200 banking left on to South Grand Avenue in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Instagram photo by Michelle Kim.

MonoTracer MTI-1200 parked beachside along PCH close to Malibu, California.

Instagram collage of photo snaps from the AutoEsporte video by Enio Pedrozo.

Slideshow of additional photos from the MonoTracer MTI-1200 film shoot:


[Source:  AutoEsporte TV]

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