MonoTracer MTE-150 Review by Financial Times

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Click the above image to watch the full MonoTracer MTE-150 review by the Financial Times.

Financial Times Producer Rohit Jaggi recently visited the MonoTracer Peraves skunkworks in Switzerland and took the all electric zero emissions 200hp MonoTracer MTE-150 for a spin through the rainy Zurich countryside.  Throughout his drive he stayed warm and dry thanks to the enclosed safety cabin (made of DuPont™ Kevlar®) all while enjoying and experiencing the thrill of MonoTracering.  Rohit makes a very important observation regarding promising congestion reduction if commuters would take to narrow track cabin motorcycles.  Thanks to the extremely low aerodynamic drag design of the MonoTracer, the all electric MTE-150 version eliminates range concerns while traction battery recharging is very quick with its onboard 20kW AC Propulsion reductive charger.  It is by far the world’s most energy efficient high performance vehicle.  Watch the expertly produced 4 1/2 minute MonoTracer MTE-150 video review on by clicking here or on the above image and see the solutions for a sustainable mobility future.

Click here for Rohit’s 2 page article “Leading the Charge”.

Financial Times’ MonoTracer Slideshow available here.

The Financial Times also just reposted their full MTE-150 video (previously just a 1 minute teaser) on YouTube viewable below.

Leading the Charge – MonoTracer MTE-150 Review by Financial Times

[Source:  Financial Times]

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