The MonoTracer is the TRON ENCOM 786 Light Cycle

MonoTracer = Real World TRON ENCOM 786 Light Cycle.

MonoTracer = Real World TRON ENCOM 786 Light Cycle.

For those of us that grew up in the 1980s and remember watching the original 1982 movie TRON and forever dreamed about piloting our own light cycles like Kevin Flynn, the MonoTracer is surely the ultimate real world emodiment of the fantastic TRON ENCOM 786.  This summer Disney XD started airing a new cartoon series entitled TRON Uprising (click here for the TRON Uprising 2011 Comic-Con Preview Trailer).  It features Mara, a light cycle mechanic, voiced by the forever beautiful and talented Mandy Moore.  In this short clip from the 2nd episode “The Renegade, Part 1”, the vintage Kevin Flynn designed ENCOM 786 2nd generation light cycle is revealed to a stunned yet appreciative Mara.  This is the TRON light cycle of her dreams. “It is one of a kind.  Every component designed for speed!”

ENCOM 786 Light Cycle Reveal #1 – TRON Uprising

Here is a 2nd clip from the same episode with more universal admiration for the ENCOM 786 light cycle.

ENCOM 786 Light Cycle Reveal #2 – TRON Uprising

In this interview with Mandy Moore, she discusses her voice over work on TRON Uprising as the light cycle mechanic Mara.  At 1min 48sec Mandy lets us know that she would like a light cycle.  If there was any way we could advance enough so that we could all scoot around on light cycles, she would be down for that.  Maybe we can interest Mandy for a ride in the all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 as it truly is the ultimate TRON light cycle experience.  It even sounds like a TRON light cycle at full acceleration!

Mandy Moore Interview – TRON: Uprising (Disney XD)

In this short clip from the 4th Episode of TRON Uprising, “Blackout”, Zed unveils his 30% faster “green light cycle” with overdrive.  We’ve always known that green is the fastest! To get your fill of light cycles in action watch TRON Uprising on Disney XD.

Green Light Cycle (the fastest) – TRON Uprising


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