Peraves was founded by Arnold Wagner in 1974.  The first cabin motorcycle was called the EcoMobile® and debuted in 1982.  The MonoTracer® successor was launched in 2007.  The all electric E-Tracer® prototypes have been running since 2007 and will be available in 2011.  The vehicle name has been updated to MonoTracer-E and the model designation is MTE-150.

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  3. Ben Brigham says:

    You have an eternal fan here in Los Angeles, watching the endless highway traffic & thinking how much better off we’d all be if all those cars were replaced by Monotracer-E’s. While a new Mono-E is beyond my financial capabilities, please let me know if you ever hear of a used one for sale around the Southern California area. Please keep up your heroic work, and I look forward to reading your future blog postings. Cheers!

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