New MonoTracer MTE-150 Introductory Videos

New all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 Introductory Videos

Dear friends of the world’s most energy-efficient high-performance vehicle, the X PRIZE winning Peraves MonoTracer MTE-150,

Last week we videoed the first of 7 short movie segments where I would like to introduce to you our final production version of this amazing machine.  Since nobody has time to watch half an hour of video, we made small 2-minute clips with the focus on one or two items on my or hopefully your list.  The weather here in Switzerland is so bad that we had to postpone the fun part, the riding experience.  But as soon as we’ve completed those clips we’ll be posting them up here on the blog. Until then, have fun watching the 7 introductory video clips below.

best, Roger

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 1: Intro with CEO Roger Riedener

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 2: Engineering Department

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 3: Handle Bar

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 4: Main Display

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 5: Control Buttons

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 6: Car Entertainment

New MonoTracer MTE-150 Part 7: FAQ

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  1. Lars Paisley says:

    Congratulations on a supreme, groundbreaking achievement!