Business end comparison of the MTE-150 and MTI-1200

Business end of the new electric MonoTracer MTE-150 - World's most compact 204hp electric powerplant including 20 kWh (useable capacity) battery, wanna bet?

The standard BMW K1200 gas powered MonoTracer MTI-1200 has always been a marvel in drivetrain packaging engineering, but the new all electric MonoTracer MTE-150 elevates compact high power drivetrain packaging to a new art form.  Comparing the MTI-1200 drive with its BMW K1200 LT, the new all electric MTE-150 looks simple, which it is – no spark plugs, no gearshifter magnet, no exhaust, no fuel lines/filter, oil & water pumps & radiators…  The gas MTI-1200 actually uses more space than the electric drive (because the 50 liter fuel tank is under the rear seat) and has 40% less power.  Time’s a-changing…and it’s TRONtastic!


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