All work done and loading the truck

Lewis & Clark (the two guys who where sent off by Jefferson to explore the West) aka Frankie and me have more or less made the two X-Tracers race-ready during the last 4 days and we couldn’t have done it without the immense help of all the guys at National Cycle in Chicago. Special Thanks go to Doug Manternach who hooked us up with all his specialists at the impressive factory, and they carried out every job perfectly and before we knew it, the parts and pieces came flying into our airconditioned (!!!) fully equipped workshop. Unbelievable service! Muchas gracias amigos! Now we’ll also have to carry the mexican flag…;-)

Doug and his team also took care of all our needs such as rent a car, make reservations for a tow truck, order lunch, point out excellent restaurants for diner (Wildfire Steak House, first choice!)

So today saw the arrival of our Ford F-350 Crew Cab with V-8 Diesel. It’s a little weird to have to tow two X-Tracers that can get over 300 mpge with one of these behemoths that get a mere 11 mpg, but to be fair it seats 6, could carry a Smart on the back and the trailer could hold 4 E-Tracers. The whole road train weights about 7 tons and moves at 70 mph. Swiss police would ban it from the road immediately because the trailer has no brakes…

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