Results of Urban, City, & Highway Efficiency

Last week we completed the Urban and City efficiency tests on June 23rd, and the Highway efficiency test on June 24th.  The Urban efficiency test comprised 8 laps (16mi), 6 stops per lap, while maintaining an average of 22mph.  The City efficiency test comprised 15 laps (30mi), 4 stops per lap, while maintaining a 29mph average.  The Highway efficiency test comprised 45 laps (90mi), stopping every 5 laps, while maintaining 45mph average.

We received the received the official team scores this morning.  In the Alt-Tandem class the remaining competitors are:

Spira – 75.4 MPGe
Tango – 86.8 MPGe
Edison2 #95 – 90.6 MPGe
FVT -129.8 MPGe
X-Tracer #79 – 171.6 MPGe
X-Tracer #72 – 180.0 MPGe

The requirements for this stage were to achieve 2/3rds (67 MPGe) of the 100 MPGe so all of the Alternative Tandem Seat Vehicles are still in the game.  We feel well prepared now going into the Dynamic Tests.

Monday morning 2010.06.28: X-Tracers Ready for Dynamic Tests

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0 Responses to Results of Urban, City, & Highway Efficiency

  1. Gerold says:

    Fantastic, I wish you all the best. But where did The White X-Tracer turn up? Gerold.

    • Stefano says:

      The Yellow X-Tracers are the X PRIZE vehicle entries. The white Monotracer is owned by Jim of (USA Distributor of the ) and is the normal production gas version that has been giving rides to media and all interested parties. On Saturday during the Wine Festival at Michigan International Speedway the white Monotracer did over 100 miles on the track giving attendees high speed rides (~125mph) alongside the Mustang and Dodge Challenger pace cars. The X PRIZE is not only about 100+ MPGe (efficient alternative transportation), it is also about vehicles that could be ready for production. I can’t think of a better example to show how producible the all electric X-Tracers are than to have present production gasoline Monotracers which are identical save for the propulsion type. -Stefano

  2. Linda Nicholes says:

    What gorgeous, sleek machines. I couldn’t help but notice that from the front, the “Tracers” have very friendly-creature like “faces.”
    But more importantly I imagine the actual E-Tracer experience resembles:

    The sound of spaceships. The acceleration of light speed.