Thursday’s Finals Stage 90mi Efficiency Test

Today we competed in the third part of the X PRIZE Finals efficiency test, the 90 mile highway portion.  All went well and I stuck to the minimum trace speed staying behind 5-times-Le-Mans-winner Emanuele Pirro in his Edison2 Very Light Car #95 who clearly knew what he was doing.  We always pushed the E-Tracer #79 powered by an AC Propulsion drive system to the starting line and back to the charging impound in order to not waste a single watt-hour.  Tomorrow morning (Friday, July 23rd, 2010) at 10 am, we should receive the results.  I predict the E-Tracer #79 got well over 200 MPGe.  If not, I will never push the thing again as I was already achieving 188 MPGe during June’s Knockdown Stage efficiency tests.  On Friday afternoon from 2 to 3:40 pm both E-Tracers will run the 100-mile-range event together at 60 mph.  Watch it live on the web!
best, Roger

We’ve received the official MPGe data for the E-Tracers from the Efficiency events:
197 MPGe for E-Tracer #72 (Brusa powered)
189 MPGe for E-Tracer #79 (AC Propulsion powered)

Peraves E-Tracers #79 and #72 Charging after the Efficiency Events.

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