Monday’s X PRIZE Dynamic Testing

Monday was Dynamic Testing Day and we smoothly executed the 0-60 mph acceleration and 60-0 emergency braking tests as well as the 45 mph double lane change tests.  Felix in E-Tracer #72 needed two attemps on the braking because he was only at 59.5 mph the first time while I went through at 63 mph in E-Tracer #79.  The lane change saw Felix pass on the first attempt while I needed a second because I tried to do it at 50 mph and my brain was probably 10 feet behind the E-Tracer.  I also heard the last competitor in our class, the Edison2 #95 VLC (Very Light Car) with 5-times Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro at the controls, go “Pop” right behind me at the start when they obviously tried to run their launch control software.  Oliver Kuttner took it like the man he is and told me first hand that he was out.  I truly respect that guy for what they’ve done and how he runs his team.  He then arranged a meeting with the PIAXP people for us and his team, each having two vehicles left in the Alternative Tandem and Mainstream classes with no more competitors to run against.  We said we would not want to run the Tuesday event since it would only put stress on the vehicles and it wasn’t an elimination event anyway.  We would rather polish our vehicles and have more time on hand to show them to the VIP’s, Sponsors, and Media that will be here on Tuesday.  Eric, Steve, and Julie totally agreed and it took a lot of pressure of us.  Thanks Oli, good thinking!
– Roger

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