Back at the shop, trying to work

We’re all back to our normal lives, or at least that’s what we are trying to tell ourselves.  There is a lot of work that had to be postponed, and I’m way behind in my MonoTracer sales budget of 2010.  It is a good thing that production has not yet reached the 4 MonoTracers per month.  Just as well as the waiting list for a new MonoTracer with BMW K1200 engine, which also gets a respectable 60 mpg (no “e” this time around…;-) and has a world beating 600 mile range, is now down to about 3 months, so the backlog has been reduced.

We now also have 3 demonstrators, one in Germany, one in the USA and one here in Switzerland, something this company actually never had before.  Next month, I will get two more, and the boys at the shop are already nervous: One of them is Lambo-orange with full carbon package, and I have the slight feeling it’s going to look awesome. But all this stuff that would usually excite me much more is just what Steve McQueen in “LeMans” once described as: “The time between races is called waiting…” he did not know how correct he was.  The time between races and the award ceremony (says me) is called “suffering” or even “torture”…

We have a date, an approximate time, and a town: 16th of September, morning, Washington DC. We have the airline tickets.  We have the suits and ties ready, arrggh.  Our wives are discussing their outfits.  Makes me crazy!

See you in DC, it’s going to be a public event and as soon as I know more, you’ll read it here first.   -Roger

2010.06.25 – Team X-Tracer and enthusiastic supporters.

2010.06.25 - North American MonoTracer representative Jim Lorimer takes Walter Wegmueller (Swiss Ambassador to Detroit) for a spin.

2010.06.25- MonoTracer pilots Karl Zubler, Jim Lorimer, and Ben Dungee, with EcoMobile pilots Tom Mohn and Dan Whitfield.

Photos by Stefano Paris

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