E-Tracering on Mulholland

Last Sunday Roger and I took the E-Tracer out for a ride on Mulholland by the Rock Store.  Some photographers and videographers took notice.  Here are few videos that were posted of the E-Tracer on Mulholland and the 101.

2010.10.03 E-Tracer on Mullholland

E-Tracer Spotted on Mulholland

E-Tracer spotted on the 101 Freeway

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0 Responses to E-Tracering on Mulholland

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Boy, I’d give a lot to hear what those people were saying as they saw the E-Tracer glide by for the first time. If you think you might want to go back on the Mulholland ride again, I’d bring my Vectrix along and we could stop at the biker hang out and inform some people. I’d need to plug in, of course.