ZeroTracer Zero Emissions Race Part 1

Team ZeroTracer just posted up another great video of their around the world Zero Race adventures.  Imagine piloting an E-Tracer around the world in less than 80 days.  There are some great clips of just how quickly an E-Tracer can accelerate and even a snippet where the ZeroTracer is carrying 3!  I look forward to Team ZeroTracer’s arrival in Southern California next month when the ZeroTracer and X PRIZE winning E-Tracer 7009 will cruise the freeways together.  Tobias and Frank – you guys are among my Tracer heroes!

ZeroTracer Zero Emissions Race Part 1 Geneva-Kasachstan

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  1. Colin Russell says:

    Massive respect to Arnold and the Peraves team, but most of all to the ZeroTracer drivers and support crew- great job so far. Go for the win!

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