MonoTracer at Opportunity Green

Callie Calimlim enthusiastically reviews the exotic Peraves MonoTracer

Last fall after Team X-Tracer won the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Alternative Tandem category with the all electric AC Propulsion powered X-Tracer 7009, CEO Roger Riedener attended the Friday, September 24th “Opportunities in Modern and Energy Efficient Transportation” Mobility panel at Opportunity Green 2010 in Los Angeles.  Because the X-Tracer 7009 was in transit to the West Coast having participated in the Washington D.C. awards ceremony and subsequent New York City media events, Roger attended Opportunity Green with a production MonoTracer.  Callie Calimlim enthusiastically interviews Roger about the MonoTracer and MonoTracer E vehicles in the below YouTube video.  She comments that in her eyes the MonoTracer is a cross between a sexy motorcycle and a very smooth car.  It is definitely a vehicle that one falls smitten for at first sight with its combination of futuristic styling, high performance, and incredible efficiency.  Thanks Callie for the fun and positive review!

Peraves MonoTracer at Opportunity Green 2010

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