The Second ET #7009 Completes All Dynamic Tests

…with no drama at all.  E-Tracer #7009 (or rather #79) did all the acceleration, emergency braking and the consumer union’s double lane change today and I have to bow my hat to Felix, he did all of the driving brilliantly. The acceleration 0-60 mph was done at little over half throttle in 6.3 seconds, the braking 60-0 was rock solid at around 150 ft, the lane change this time went smoothly without shaving off mirrors on cones, thank you…  Peter was relieved when his baby (he payed for #7009 already!) was safely back in the garage.  I caught some voices from some of the 50 or so onlookers from judges, guests and team members during the brake manouvre of the ET, where some drama was expected while seeing the only single track vehicle get into some deep sh.., screeching and weaving and probably falling over when the outriggers don’t come down…we did not do ’em the favor, sorry. So here’s what they said: “Unbelievable stopping power”…”straight as an arrow”…”not even hitting the ABS”…”how are they doing that?”…”that would have looked good on some of the wanna-be-sports-cars in the field”…thank you, thank you, thank you!

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