Both E-Tracers Qualified for X-Prize Knockout Stage

Both E-Tracers passed the acceleration and brake tests as well as the Consumer’s Union double lane change avoidance maneuver “Elchtest” without problems.

Yesterday’s highlight was the Durability Test.  Both E-Tracers made their 20 laps on a closed circuit with bumps, potholes and dirt on the 1.88mi track (3 km) easily below the maximum 3 minutes allowed with most of the laps between 2:15 to 2:30, achieving the fastest speeds of all contestants and a mileage of around 200 MPGe. The famous Indy car driver Al Unser Jr. was lapped in his ZAP ALIAS by the E-Tracer several times.  And then, we also kidnapped Keiko from ZAP…;-) sorry guys, couldn’t resist!

Today, we decided not to participate in the efficiency run due to the heavy rain with tornado warnings. The efficiency run is not a mandatory test during shakedown and as we know that we have no problems with the required 100 MPGe anyway we are using the time to work with the people from Morey on their data aquisition system.

AC Propulsion Powered E-Tracer #7009

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