Validation Stage begins at Argonne National Laboratory

Having spent a whole week doing more or less nothing except sleeping and eating at Jim Lorimer’s house in Richmond, VA, I flew to Chicago on Sunday the 8th of August. Monday the 9th I found my way into ANL and saw our E-Tracer babies again.  I had a chance to visit the dyno where they were testing the TW4XP on the highway cycle.  ANL is a very impressive outfit and I doubt that anything will slip through this totally scientific check.  Everybody from the German team told me they totally trust the team at Argonne, many of whom we had previously met at MIS who were part of the expert team from PIAXP and have their “real” job here.  This evening I’m firmly embedded with the TW4XP-team…;-)  I wonder if Chicago has a beergarden?  While in Virginia we also had dinner with Oliver Kuttner, his lovely wife Kim, and his team-members Ron and Brad.  The news was out that Team Li-Ion from Charlotte, NC had successfully finished lab testing at ANL that night.  We’re looking forward to completing this last testing phase.  -Roger

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