Popular Mechanics covers Radical X PRIZE Vehicles

As of today go out and buy your copy of Popular Mechanics at the newsstand!  On the cover you can find the Li-Ion, the Canadian FVT three-wheeler, and the Edison2.  We also received some coverage.  Funny that they made bets on all teams for their respective winning odds.  We only got a 20:1 while Aptera had an impressive 3:2…why didn’t you ask us, PM?  -Roger

September 2010 Issue of Popular Mechanics - Radical X PRIZE Vehicles

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0 Responses to Popular Mechanics covers Radical X PRIZE Vehicles

  1. Louis says:

    I hope you guys win this competition and I’m disappointed that you didn’t make the cover. The E-Tracer and MonoTracer are brilliant, beautiful machines. I’ve been interested and watching the development of enclosed cabin motorcycles for years, including your early incarnations. In fact, I wrote to BMW a few years back suggesting the idea of an enclosed bike with retractable wheels – they wrote back saying that cross-winds would hamper enclosed motorcycling and the undercarriage system would be too heavy on a bike. Strange, since your models are based on their machines – and fully enclosed – and looking/performing great. Anyway, good luck with the competition. Louis.

    • Louis, thanks for the flowers. Fact is, that we did side wind testing at Daimler proving grounds in Stuttgart many years ago and could demonstrate that the Peraves cabin motorcycle actually autocorrects side winds by leaning into the wind on its own, halving the amount of offset due to the side gusts. Of course, we knew that from the millions of miles we and our customers have driven the Eco’s and MonoTracers on the real roads…maybe the win at the X-Prize reduces the needs for us to constantly missionary about the fact that the cabin motorcycle is a viable means of fast, safe, fun and efficient personal transportation. It’s now official: The E-Tracer is the world’s most efficient high performance street-legal two seater.


  2. Christopher says:

    Who would have thought over 200 MPGe was likely and could be beautiful at the same time? In fact, E-tracer goes even further than its streamlined looks reveal. E-tracers take us light years closer to addressing global warming issues! We will finally start breaking through energy challenges related to oil. Potential buyers will see E-tracers can go 10,000 miles a year on only a few square meters of solar panels! This means most people go where they want without spending excess money for fuel. I understand E-tracers also have long range capability, which will be shown with the Zerotracer round the world competition.

  3. Thomas lewis says:

    We had better start rethinking about the way we commute and this just might be the holy grail. The existing infrastructure is about at its breaking point and the best way around it is to rethink the way we commute. Enclosed motorcycles, narrow 3, 4 wheeled tilter, could buy us valuable time and take us into the next century. They can be built to be very safe, offer incredible range, take up half as much space, reducing congestion, less impact on the infrastructure, reduced emissions, comfortable and on top of all that, might even put a smile on your face. We need some visionaries that are willing to take some risks. If the public’s interest in vehicles like this, is a indicator of potential sales, it should be a risk worth taking.