ZeroTracer ready for ZERO Race

Our friends over at Designwerk have been getting ready this summer to compete with their ZeroTracer in Louis Palmer’s 80 day around the world ZERO Race.  Louis Palmer drove his Solartaxi around the world on PV Solar generated energy in 2008 (Solartaxi visits Simi Valley).  The ZERO Race starts this upcoming Monday, August 16th, 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.  Chief designer Tobias Wülser (responsible for the beautiful modern body design of the MonoTracer®) and Mechatronic Engineer Frank Loaker are the two pilots of the ZeroTracer which is a special purpose-built all electric E-Tracer® with 138kW electric drive system.  In July Oerlikon Solar held a kick off party for the ZeroTracer which is being powered on the kilowatt-hours being produced by an Oerlikon Solar PV array in Switzerland.  Below is a video and some photos of the Oerlikon Solar kick off party for the ZeroTracer team and their fantastic Designwerk – Peraves electric cabin motorcycle.  We wish them Lightspeed!  -Stefano

ZeroTracer Kick Off Video



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