ZeroTracer arrives in Southern California

Frank, Stefano, and Tobi with the ZeroTracer stopping by for PV Solar charge.

Tobi and Frank made spectacular time covering 1000mi in 36 hours in their ZeroTracer including charging in order to catchup with the Zero Race after leaving Vancouver.  Their ZeroTracer stopped by on the morning of Friday, November 19th, 2010 for a 48A 240VAC charge off my roof mounted photovoltaic solar system and some minor maintenance.  We then had some tremendous fun caravaning to Santa Monica for the Zero Race press EVent with the E-Tracer, ZeroTracer, and a friend’s Tesla Roadster.   You can catch a glimpse of the E-Tracer on the freeway in Tobi’s latest ZeroTracer video edit of their USA tour.

ZeroTracer USA Tour

Stefano maneuvering the E-Tracer into position for the Zero Race press EVent on the Santa Monica Pier.

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