X-Tracer: A ride through the Sierra Nevada

MonoTracer E cruising towards Las Vegas

The X PRIZE winners were invited to display their vehicles at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in early November.  Instead of trailering the X-Tracer to the show like most other display vehicles, it was clear this was an opportunity to make a world record efficiency drive in the X-Tracer (625mi roundtrip).  Roger Weichert of Mediafusion GmbH, Neuheim Switzerland was along for the week and made this fabulous HD movie of Peraves CEO Roger Riedener driving the X PRIZE winning all electric X-Tracer to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas through the Sierra Nevada.  North American sales representative Jim Lorimer accompanied in the White MonoTracer.

The running gag is they paid the Venice beach musician $5 to record his song, and the X-Tracer used the equivalent of $5 of electricity for the 625 mile roundtrip through the desert.  The 70kWhr energy consumed noted in the opening title works out to 8.9 mi per kWhr or ~300MPGe (using 35kWhrs for the energy equivalency of 1 gallon of gasoline).  It is doubtful there is another enclosed, two passenger, street legal vehicle that can achieve the level of efficiency (and rocketship performance) the spectacular E-Tracer possesses.  Seeing the gorgeous E-Tracer on the open road is always such treat.  Enjoy Roger Weichert’s X-Tracer:  A ride through the Sierra Nevada.

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MonoTracer E - A real world TRON Light Cycle

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