Learn the Art of MonoTracering at Brno 2011

21st Annual Cabin Motorcycle Driver Training at the Brno Circuit, CZ. (Click to download Brno 2011 Flyer in PDF)

The 21st Annual Cabin Motorcycle Driver Training Course will be held July 11-14, 2011 at the Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic.  Attendees will receive 4 full days of instruction from the world’s most experienced MonoTracer and EcoMobile pilots for both conventional and electrically powered Cabin Motorcycles.  MonoTracer e‘s will be available for testing.

So you think you’ve seen it all? Think again. The world’s first fully enclosed motorcycle, the MonoTracer, gives you the driving experience no boring paddle-shift-sportscar can give you, no matter what the price. All advanced vehicles such as airplanes, speedboats, even race-horses, lean INTO corners, and this one does that up to 52 degrees of lean angle.  No superbike can give you a safe ride at those angles anymore with too short wheelbase, too light, and no crash safety at all.  The MonoTracer’s stressed skin monocoque, hand-layered from DuPont Kevlar®, is one of the strongest body shells of any road-going vehicle, plus it’s a rockstar at every venue. Ever dreamed of flying a jet at zero altitude? This is as close as it can get! Choose the BMW-powered MTi1200 or the awesome all electric MTe150 with US-built AC Propulsion powertrain. Ready to learn something new? Join our 4-day-training course on one of Europe’s toughest race-tracks, the GP Circuit in Brno, CZ this July 11th-14th 2011 and try to master the Art of MonoTracering.  Are you ready for the experience of your lifetime?

The Art of MonoTracering

Click here to download the Entry Form in English or German.

Click here to download the Brno 2011 flyer in PDF.


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