TRANSLOGIC 48: MonoTracer e Test Drive

Last month Bradley Hasemeyer of AOL’s TRANSLOGIC met up with 21st Century Motoring‘s Jim Lorimer at Richmond International Raceway in Virginia to receive his first lesson in MonoTracering with the actual Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE winning MonoTracer e.  Reminiscent of the original Tron light cycles, the DuPont Kevlar® monocoque all electric MonoTracer e is unlike anything Bradley has driven before.  Bradly describes the MonoTracer e as “crazy fast” with “acceleration that is ridiculous”.  Enjoy the entertaining and well done review below.

TRANSLOGIC 48:  MonoTracer e


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Here is a fun comment posted to AutoblogGreen by longtime Electric Vehicle advocate Paul Scott who I took for 70mi ride in the MonoTracer e around Los Angeles at the end of December 2010 (Click for Paul’s EVs and Energy blog entry:  An exciting ride in a VERY fast EV!).

Paul Scott
I’ve ridden in that very same vehicle here in Los Angeles. It’s so freaking fast that nothing, and in Los Angeles this is saying something, nothing can beat you.

With the proper gearing this bike will hit 200 mph, and as they stated, the 0-60 mph is 4.5 seconds. As good as that sounds, the 60-120 mph is a mind-blowing 3 seconds!

When riding in this vehicle, you are the center of attention. No one knows what the hell it is, and everyone is jockeying around you with cameras shooting pics and video. Once they get their fill, it’s time to zoom ahead so others can get a look. I’ve never had so much fun on LA’s freeways, not even when I got to drive a Tesla Roadster for a while, although that was a kick in the pants, too.

Also be sure to check out Brian Moody’s In Depth article on the MonoTracers at TRANSLOGIC.

TRANSLOGIC In Depth: MonoTracer

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