Sportscars of St. Moritz

MonoTracer MTE-150 and McLaren MP4-12C at Samedan Airport.

Porsche Speedster Blue MonoTracer MTI-1200.I spent a wonderful weekend in St. Moritz, where 140 invited sportscars formed the “Sportscars of St. Moritz” at the Hotel Kempinski where we took part as sponsors.  We showed the MTE-150 and the blue MTI-1200 MonoTracers.

We arrived in style and parked the all electric MonoTracer-E right in front of the main entrance of the Hotel courtesy of Hotel-Director Rupert Simoner, himself a hardcore Ducatisti (Troy Bayliss 1098R), who’s joining in on the fun at Brno.

MonoTracer MTE-150 parked in front of the main entrance of Hotel Kempinski - St. Moritz

I took the MTE-150 #7009 for a 100-mile-loop and flatted the battery pack down to 10% SOC, using 160 Wh/mile going from St. Moritz over the Julier Mountain Pass down to Tiefencastel, back up to Davos, over the Flüela Mountain Pass to Scoul and back up to the airport of Samedan.  I overtook about 60 Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc. on the spirited ride and made quite an impression. The toughest fight was up the Flüela against a sliding, screaming, backfiring Gumpert Apollo Supercar, basically a road-legal Group C racecar.  Sniffed him up finally when he made a slight error…

MonoTracer MTE-150 parked in front of the main entrance of Hotel Kempinski - St. MoritzBack at the Samedan airstrip in the park fermée, the drivers of most of the overtaken supercars came by and found out that they were passed up by an electric monster scooter… 😉   Everybody wanted a brochure, that’s for sure!

One guy who followed me for about 5 miles through the twisties in his F430 Fiorano Stradale said he clearly saw the rubber from the rear Avon getting layed down on the tarmac during fast exits.  Some good old fun.

Pagani Zonda S, Gumpert Apollo, McLaren MP4-12C, and MonoTracer MTE-150.I parked right beside my new hero car, the fantastic-no-BS-McLaren MP4-12C. Okay, it may lack the drama of the new Lambo Aventador, Gumpert Apollo (dreadful finish), Pagani Zonda S, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, but you don’t get more F1 technology like true monocoque chassis, 600 hp turbo motor, active suspension for just 250’000 US$.  It’s Ron Dennis’ finest!



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