Ferrari Rosso Corsa MonoTracer

2011.07.07 - Ferrari Rosso Corsa MonoTracer i1200 at the Ferrari Factory entrance in Maranello, Italy.

Earlier this month I had the privilege of a lifetime to MonoTracer 2500mi throughout Europe during the first 2 weeks of July.  My MonoTracer adventures began in Switzerland where within a couple of hours after landing in Zurich I found myself MonoTracering for 200mi alongside Peraves CEO Roger Riedener in a pair of gorgeous MonoTracer i1200s to the amazing 3 day BMW Motorrad Days event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We had a great MonoTracer booth with 6 MonoTracers including the all electric MTE-150 expertly organized by our German MonoTracer sales representative Gerold Hellwig.  After the event I MonoTracered down to Italy for a few days via the picturesque Alps passing by the Stelvio Pass.

While in Italy I took a day to go visit the Ferrari factory in Maranello where I snapped some beautiful photos of the gorgeous Ferrari Rosso Corsa MonoTracer i1200 in front of the Ferrari factory entrance.  Even at the Ferrari factory the vehicle drew a crowd and I overheard comments from some of the exiting employees asking among themselves if this was a new Ferrari prototype?

My European MonoTracer adventures are way too many to recount in a single blog but the final destination was the Brno GP Circuit in the Czech Republic where Peraves held an incredible 21st annual 4 day Art of MonoTracering event.  On the 3rd day Roger Weichert of Mediafusion collected some great GoPro HD HERO footage of our MonoTracering fun on the Brno Race Track and edited the fluid video below.

MonoTracers on Brno GP Circuit (1m 21sec)

Click here for a full MonoTracer Lap of the Brno GP Circuit (4m 7sec)


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