Chuck and the MonoTracer

2011.09.07 – MonoTracer MTI-1200 parked at Warner Brothers Studios

If you’ve ever viewed any James Bond or other spy films you may be keenly aware of the incredible vehicles the spies choose to drive.  The exciting NBC TV series Chuck is no exception having featured an all electric Tesla Roadster on the Season 3 Episode 12Chuck Versus the American Hero.  In more recent episodes the gorgeous spy Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) can be seen driving a beautiful Lotus Evora.  I’ve been a forever fan of the TV series Chuck since the pilot episode aired 4 years ago.  Season 5 began a couple of weeks ago and the third installment airs this Friday, November 11, 2011 at 8PM (7PM central) on NBC.  The episode is called: Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips  (IMDB).  If you are a fan of the MonoTracer you surely will want to tune into Chuck this Friday evening… 😉

NBC released a sneak peek of Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips viewable below:

5.03 Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

2011.09.07 – MonoTracer i1200 cockpit view of Warner Brothers Studios.

[Source:  NBC]

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