First Production MonoTracer MTE-150 Roll Out

The First Production all electric MonoTracer MTE-150. What a gorgeous machine! It's a huge step for this little company. A good friend and car expert said after a short ride: "Even large companies struggle to achieve this kind of refinement. Congrats!"...thanks for the flowers, Ronny!

Saturday morning, December 3rd, 2011, CEO of MonoTracer of Switzerland Roger Riedener setup the long awaited very first production MonoTracer MTE-150 to his personal liking (handlebar position, levers, tire pressure, shocks, a quick wax, etc…) and took it for its first serious spin.  The vehicle and ride quality is a quantum leap in refinement with hardly any noise at 75mph on the highway, joyfully lighter steering, and sensational seating position now 1.5inches lower for the driver allowing for wonderful passenger “theater seating”.  There are no more pedals in the all new electric MonoTracer, no more shifting and no clutching thanks to the single fixed gear driveline mated to the powerful 200hp AC Propulsion 150kW Gen3 drive system.  The new color MFD (Multi Function Display) is beautifully readable in direct sunlight.  Enjoy these early photos Roger sends of the very latest, the very best, and first production line all electric MonoTracer MTE-150.  The future of efficient high performance has finally arrived!


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