iGeneration MonoTracer MTE-150

All electric MonoTracer MTE-150.

Christmas day 2011 in Switzerland brought beautiful riding weather.  With all the snow gone Roger and Désirée took the new all electric MTE-150 on a 100mi tour. Desi’s reaction: “It’s perfect!”  Roger made an upgrade to the entertainment system with the addition of the Oxygen Audio O Car System that will now be fitted as standard on all MonoTracer MTE-150s.  One’s iPhone easily clips into the Oxygen’s console which becomes the touch screen control for the radio, MP3, hands-free phone, GPS system and more all while being charged.  Taking a phone call in the very quiet all electric MonoTracer is like having the conversation with the caller right there with you as the caller’s voice emanates in stereo from all the speakers.  You don’t have an iPhone yet? Time to get one… 😉 The MonoTracer has joined the iGeneration. Rock out to your favorite tunes while Wazing away in your new MTE-150!


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